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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Super Advanced Profections Made Ridiculously Easy (even for beginners)

with Kenneth D. Miller, MA

How would you like to learn a prediction technique that is easy, reliable, and you can do it in your head on ANY chart? And will help you refine all other prediction techniques you already know. Even if you only practice psychological astrology, this technique will help you refine your understanding of natal chart unfoldment and pinpoint transit activity.

--Come Learn the prediction technique that goes back to the dawn of western astrology. A procedure so important that Vettius Valens (150ce), a father of western astrology, spends more than two out of his nine books taking about it!

This will be a hands-on practical seminar with loads of examples; your examples if you bring in some charts!

Comprehensive handout will be provided
Kenneth Miller

Kenneth D. Miller has an MA in Eastern and Western Traditions: History and Transmission of Astrology from Kepler College. He has been trained in Modern, Traditional, Hellenistic, and Indian (Vedic/Jyotish) Astrologies. He serves on the Boards of the International Society for Astrological Research and Kepler College, and teaches astrology online and in-person. Awarded Jyotish Medha Shree from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Jyotish Kovid from the Council of Vedic Astrology and Level II Certification from the American College of Vedic Astrology. Based in San Diego, he maintains a practice as a consulting astrologer. He is the author of Mars: Passion or Strife-the confounding influence of culture on astrology, and the forthcoming new translation/commentary of  On the Bright Fixed Stars by Anon of 379 (with Andrea Gehrtz). He can be reached at


$8. NCGR, SDAS, SCAN members $12. Non-members

11 am to 1 pm

US Bank Building, Community Room
131 North El Camino Real (Ralphs Shopping Center)
Encinitas, CA. 92024


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Coming in November 2018

A Fabulous Astrology Lecture
with Laura DesJardins






We would like our membership to send in names of aspiring young local astrologers that our chapter could sponsor for a 1-year NCGR membership for 1 year. Send a brief bio of the potential candidates to Diane Ronngren.


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