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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Almost Like Praying:
The Astrology & Music of Leonard Bernstein and West Side Story

with David Perloff

Please note: New Location!!!

A musical icon and an iconic musical. Leonard Bernstein was not only one of America's most beloved conductors and composers of classical music; he was also a driving force behind one of America's most beloved musicals - West Side Story. We'll look at the powerful astrological transits throughout Bernstein's life. We’ll also look at the charts of his dream-team collaborators, as well as those of

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Steven Spielberg and more, and how they all connect to 'Lenny' and West Side Story. Through biographical info, photos, anecdotes, and music, this talk has appeal not only to astrologers, but to Broadway buffs and classical music lovers.

Bring your astrology-skeptical music-loving friend!

David Perloff

David Perloff is a professional astrologer, living in the Boston area. His astrology talks have been well-received throughout the US and internationally. In 2018, was a speaker at the 10th International Conference of Astrology in Perugia, Italy, and the State Of The Art (SOTA) conference near Buffalo NY. In 2019, David will be a speaker at the 2nd International Astrology Conference in Lisbon, Portugal and the NCGR Conference in Baltimore. His writing has appeared in Dell Horoscope Magazine, The Mountain Astrologer, the Geocosmic Journal and other publications.




$8. NCGR, SDAS, SCAN members $12. Non-members

11 am to 1 pm

*Please note the meeting location*
Parks & Recreation
Carlsbad Senior Center
799 Pine Ave.
Carlsbad, CA. 92008


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Saturday, March 16, 2019

An Astrological Examination of Venus and her Star

with Arielle Guttman

Where do we find joy in the astrological chart? Joy can come from a variety of sources in life, but there is one very specific astrological indicator that helps us tap into our own inner joy. It is the relationship formed between Venus and the Earth in their spiral dance around the Sun. When the three (Venus, Earth, Sun) meet in an astrological alignment over a specific degree, it energizes that point for an 8 year period. Identifying that point will pinpoint a region in our chart or an area in our life that could be called the guiding star, or the helmsman, helping us to steer the course of our life in this 8 year or even 10-12 year period.

In the presentation Arielle will present several examples of how this Venus Star Point® has activated synchronistic and evolutionary cycles in a person’s life. Participants will be given their own Star Points to pinpoint and reflect upon in the course of this program. Arielle will demonstrate how the Venus Star works in mundane astrology as well, tracking the current Venus Star Point to the chart for the Statehood of California. 


Arielle Guttman

Arielle Guttman  began her astrological training in 1974, opening her consulting practice in 1980. From 1986-2015 she was based in Santa Fe, NM. Having published five books in the field, for which she is internationally known, she has done extensive travel, presenting at conferences, groups and leading tours to sacred sites in Greece. Her books include:  Mythic Astrology: Archetypes in the Horoscope,  Discovering the Star of Venus, and  The Venus Star Point.  Presently she is certifying astrologers as a Venus Star Point® consultant and teacher. Arielle currently resides in Oakland, California.



$8. NCGR, SDAS, SCAN members $12. Non-members

11 am to 1 pm

*Please note the meeting location*
Parks & Recreation
Carlsbad Senior Center
799 Pine Ave.
Carlsbad, CA. 92008

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Coming in April 2019

Another Fabulous Astrology Lecture






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