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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Inner Alchemy and Astrology

with James Wade

Beyond analyzing the psyche, what practical means do we have as astrologers to evoke lasting changes within ourselves and our clients? How can we facilitate growth and self-realization through the lens of astrology? By cultivating awareness of the ancient teachings underlying astrology we, as astrologers, have access to incredible power. 

The basis of astrological theory is Hermeticism, the process also known as gnosis or alchemy in other forms. Becoming conscious of the systematic process developed by our ancient predecessors we are empowered to approach astrology from a conscious, heart-centered direction and impact the world in a profound, positive manner. 

Astrology, the science of light, is both symbolical and materially realized through consciousness: light being a representation of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Through the process of inner alchemy the lead of Saturn can be transmuted into the gold of the Sun, the pinnacle of actualized soul-expression. 

James Wade

James David Wade is an astrologer, teacher, clairvoyant, and healer who focuses on guiding people into the light of their soul: to the true essence of being. Originally from Louisiana, James relocated to San Diego in June of 2017 where he lives and practices astrology professionally, including leading monthly astrology discussions and meditations and teaching workshops. 


$8. NCGR, SDAS, SCAN members $12. Non-members

11 am to 1 pm

US Bank Building, Community Room
131 North El Camino Real (Ralphs Shopping Center) 
Encinitas, CA. 92024


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