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Mercury's Peak Weeks
by Johnny Mirehiel

Johnny MirehielJohnny Mirehiel is a 40-year student of spiritual, metaphysical and astrological ideas. A former secondary school teacher and one-time "Man of the Year in Education," he is internationally known as the discoverer of the astrological chart of the Harmonic Concordance moment. A member of the San Diego chapter of NCGR, he has been accredited by The International College of Astrology as both an astrological practitioner and teacher. He now plies his trade in the high desert of Southern California. He and his wife, Jan, continue to support the Harmonic Concordance message of Unity, Joy, Peace and Reconciliation.

Wouldn't you like to have a nickel for each time you've heard, "This must be a Mercury Retrograde, right?" Well yes, and as I sit here writing this note, sure enough we're right in the heart one of his mischief moments. And me with Mercury in Gemini ruling my first house. Boy do I love these days! Think I'll ever get my New Moon column in on time?

Nevertheless, I have learned to live with the Wretch. I guess I better considering the role he plays in my Mercury ruled chart/life. Yet I'm no fan of his retrogrades, especially considering their extended visitations due to the "shadow" effect, which I and many other astrologers have found to be every bit as vexing as its full-on retrograde.

On the odd chance you've not heard of the shadow period, let me offer this brief summation as it was explained to me by astrologer Joelle K.D. Mahoney almost 20 years ago. Mercury's average daily motion is 00° 59' 14." As it approaches a retrograde period, it will slow down below this daily average speed. The day that it does marks the beginning of its pre-retrograde "shadow." This run-down to the actual retrograde degree can take two weeks or more until it reaches its station, whereupon it stops and backs up (goes retrograde) for approximately three weeks. It then stations once again and resumes forward motion.

But we're not really clear of the retrograde. That won't happen until that mighty Messenger of the Gods gets to the degree at which he started his retrograde jaunt. It's not until then that we're finally done with his shenanigans, for a while anyway. And did I mention that, with the shadow, we are actually working against these retrogrades for approximately 40% of the year! Of course, you knew all this.

But did you know that there are times of the year when the Wingéd Messenger is fairly sailing along, meeting no obstructions as he speeds through the Zodiac with almost reckless abandon? Indeed, between each retrograde period he will pick up speed, sometimes even topping 2° 10' a day. Now that's pretty quick for a planet that's not called the Moon. Of course these peak periods are not all of equal length or of equal "zip." Some last for just 12 days and won't quite reach that top speed while the longer lasting ones can hang around for as many as 23 days and really take flight.

I measure the "peaks" of Merc's speed at either 2° or more on either side of the absolute top speed or, in peak speed weeks when it does not get above 2°, at 2' below the top speed for that week. (See the tables below.)

What do you suppose it means to we mere mortals? Well I've been tracking this little speed racer for more than ten years now, in my own and clients' lives. And whadda ya know, but all the terrible trouble we have during the retrogrades not only seem to vanish, but all things Mercury go as well as you could possibly expect.

Papers get signed without a hitch, my car doesn't break down, I get to meetings on time and so do my clients, calls go through, and my son, and not his machine, answers the phone when I call. Even presentations that I've made during peak weeks have been highly successful and well received. It may not be a magic wand, but it sure helps to know when to plan trips, throw a party or sign on the dotted line.

These are weeks that will see your mind turn to outer pursuits, expansive ideas, and clear headed thinking. So, if you have an idea which you would like to present - to your boss, the public or that special someone, take advantage of Mercury's energy as it flows smoothly during these peak weeks. Think of it as catching the crest of a wave, of being in the zone, of "being there." Getting on top of this energy then just might allow you to feel what it's like to live up to your intellectual potential.

But don't trust me. See for yourself. You can look back at the most recent Peak Weeks of March/April and check your calendars to see how you fared at that time.

Additionally, we have two more Mercury Peak Week periods coming this year. Check them out. You might like to plan accordingly. And happy sailing!

July 2009

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© 2009 by Johnny Mirehiel
All rights reserved, used with permission.


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