Saturday, October 16, 2021

Energy Astrology: Living the Best from Your Challenging Aspects

with Dr. Lea Imsiragic

Dr. Lea Imsiragic

Dr. Lea Imsiragic – Energy Astrology – Living the Best from Your Challenging Aspects

Energy Astrology system is based on the premise that everything in the Universe is contained within each person’s physiology. Planets, therefore, represent energy centers (chakras) within the etheric body, from which all the outside circumstances we see in the natal chart are created. This system provides fast and accurate diagnosis in your energy body imprint, but also gives you tools to remove blocks so you can live all parts of yourself in balance and embrace fully your soul gifts. Plus, you will learn how your challenging aspects are places of your highest potential and the main gate in your Soul point Map.

More about this lecture:
The natal chart provides insight into our inherited energy structure. Magnetic coding which occurs at birth influences us throughout our life through energy centers –which we see in our natal charts as planets. By scanning the planets, you can immediately see the areas of life which will contain problems.

Therefore, the natal chart represents the basis for astrological and energetic healing. By improving the quality of each energy center (planet), we evolve and develop finer levels of consciousness that make possible much more freedom and liberate us from what we call “conditioning” or “karma,” allowing us to exercise free will.

Bio: Dr. Lea Imsiragic combines over 10 years of magneto-biology and astrology in her practice with clients and students from all over the world. Drawing on her expertise in human physiology, acupuncture, Energy Psychology, flower essences and astrology, Lea created an accurate energy and astrological system for diagnosis and therapy: “Energy Astrology”, which includes Astromeridians and Astrohealing. Lea believes the fastest change happens when people can see for themselves where there are energy blocks in the body and understand how it is manifesting in their physiology, beliefs, emotions, and life circumstances. Once you see it clearly you can change it!

Lea is an international speaker, author, intuitive and success coach. She is the author of six books about astrology and vibrational health, cofounder of Kepler Institute for Astrological Research and Education, and president of the Association for Energy Astrology in Belgrade, Serbia. She also runs online distance learning programs in Russia, Turkey, Mexico, and the USA.

Lea’s biggest passion is to travel around the world with her husband Aleksandar and teach people how to practically live the truth that we are the Universe and how to build an amazing life and business around this truth. Her books are translated into English, Russian, and Turkish. email: website:

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Diane Ronngren

October 2020: We have some sad news to share with you all about one of our NCGR San Diego Board members. Our beloved Vice President, Diane Ronngren, recently transitioned from this earthly plane. She is now with the stars she loved and watched for many, many years, and reuniting with family, friends, and pets she’s not been with in quite some time.

This is a devastating loss for many of us who held Diane close in our hearts, and she will be greatly missed. Because of the pandemic, we are unable to gather together in person to celebrate Diane’s life. If you wish to do something to commemorate Diane’s life and contribution to astrology, I’m sure she would be honored to have donations made in her name to the Helen Woodward Animal Center

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