Saturday, April 17, 2021

Astrology as a Therapeutic Art:
Healing Human Relationships

with Gret Bogart, PhD, MFT

Greg Bogart Astrology as a Therapeutic Art: Healing Human Relationships

Astrology is a beacon in the relational sphere, shedding light on patterns of relating, the phases and seasons of relationships, the cyclical changing moods, and the planetary laws of attraction. Knowledge of your own astrological profile and consideration of the natal traits and current challenges of spouses, friends, and family members aids us in creating more emotionally fulfilling and more committed relationships with others. In this presentation, we’ll look at examples of how astrological work can aid an individual’s or a couple’s understanding of relational experiences and patterns of behavior. We learn how relationships have been damaged; we envision ways they might be repaired.

Greg Bogart, PhD, MFT is a San Francisco Bay Area astrologer and psychotherapist, and a lecturer in psychology at Sonoma State University, where he teaches courses on adult development, myth, dreams, Jungian depth psychology, and the psychology of yoga. His book Astrology’s Higher Octaves was recently published by Ibis Press. He is also the author of Astrology and Spiritual Awakening; Therapeutic Astrology; Planets in Therapy: Predictive Technique and the Art of Counseling; Astrology and Meditation: The Fearless Contemplation of Change; Dreamwork and Self-Healing; In the Company of Sages; and Dreamwork in Holistic Psychotherapy of Depression. Greg has been a member of NCGR since 1983 and holds Level IV NCGR certification. You can visit his website at or contact Greg at

Saturday, April 17, 2021

11 am – 1 pm

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Diane Ronngren

We have some sad news to share with you all about one of our NCGR San Diego Board members. Our beloved Vice President, Diane Ronngren, recently transitioned from this earthly plane. She is now with the stars she loved and watched for many, many years, and reuniting with family, friends, and pets she’s not been within quite some time.


This is a devastating loss for many of us who held Diane close in our hearts, and she will be greatly missed. Because of the pandemic, we are unable to gather together in person to celebrate Diane’s life. If you wish to do something to commemorate Diane’s life and contribution to astrology, I’m sure she would be honored to have donations made in her name to the Helen Woodward Animal Center

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